My New Perspective of Em-tech



Ermegerd, hi guysh, I-I’m Ryan Sherebia and thish ish my fersht ever blog posht sho I’m shorry if I’m sho shy at firsht. Ok, *inhale* *exhale* I’m good. OK, AURA


So now, let’s get into the real purpose of my first ever blog which is about em-tech. I just recently enrolled into a certain famous university; the people here are so fascinated by the color green and archery, so weird. Well anyway, about em-tech. Empowerment technology is one my classes here in the university and from the onset, I thought that this would be a boring class. I got this notion that any class regarding computers is boring since in my old school, it was. Like, it really REALLY was, so yes, there was a good amount of prejudice going on.

I realized though that there was much more to Em-tech than I realized. I didn’t think of em-tech going into topics such as social media and even privacy. These topics were actually relevant to my current situation (situation = being a millennial).

(Look at these millennials, so unaware of the world around them)

Breathing New Life into the Mainframe

I realized only recently that empowerment technology is not just about the personal computer in front of me. Apparently, every single object that concerns the use of computers and technology is involved in empowerment technology. This subject made me appreciate the technology that I utilize everyday and it gave me so much respect to the people that invented these and continued to evolve and improve on them.

(Dear Nokia 3310, I respect you; I do)

Since I’m planning on taking Computer Science for my undergraduate years, I think, no, I KNOW that I’m going to need to master em-tech while I’m still in senior high school if I want to succeed in college. I’m currently striving to get an 85 average so that I skip this unit in college. Not that I don’t like this subject but you know, less units, less pay :).

So anyway, there’s my first blog post. I did it!!! Here’s to even better experiences in em-tech and more activity here in wordpress. So yeah…….bye!!!

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