Asian Fusion

So our topic for the empowerment technology coffee table book is all about “Asian Fusion.”


So what is “Asian Fusion”? Well, in Asian fusion, our group tries to find traditional Asian recipes from different countries and we look at the unique variations that we can derive by combining the original dish with a twist from the culture of other Asian countries.

My job for our project is to create an article for the coffee table book that either shares the recipes that I’ve discovered or explains the cultural relevance of integrating these fusion recipes into our society. I personally prefer the latter.


I’ve taken the initiative on looking for chefs that are making waves in the culinary world by innovating Asian fusion dishes. I find that TLC’s The Mind of a Chef is a great source for me. I’ve found several chefs that really go out into the world in search of ideas from different cultures and then they try to incorporate these new ideas into their own dishes. Chef Ed Lee is one of the chefs that I’ve watched on the show and his dishes are of Korean descent with incorporation from US southern dishes.

Hopefully by next week, I can discover more about the history that goes behind Asian fusion dishes and the cultural impact this has on culinary and Asia as a whole.

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